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With the new partnership with Adacta, we are expanding business benefits for insurance clients

We formed a new partnership with Adacta, which opens up the opportunity for financial organizations to optimize, automate and digitize both internal business processes and those aimed at end customers, which can improve the internal organization and raise the level of user experience.


New features and improvements in InDoc EDGE

The new version of InDoc EDGE brings a friendlier user experience and new digital signing features along with a number of other improvements. Users can already try  the new version in the DEMO environment.


Grants for digital transformation of SME companies

Are you thinking about switching to digital business, raising employees' digital competencies and increasing added value per employee? With the grant of the P4D ReactEU 2021 tender, it is easier to achieve digital transformation.


The real digital transformation is happening inward

In the article about the process of digitalisation of the business, published in Finance (IKT Informator) David Habot, Deputy Director of Mikrocop and responsible for strategic development of the company discusses how important changes are inward when the company embarks on the path of digitalization of business with the desire to achieve full digital transformation.


The Mikrocop Group growing in 2020

Despite the general decline in economic growth in 2020, which stems mainly from the crisis associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, the Mikrocop Group ended the year successfully.


The Mikrocop - List partnership will ensure legally compliant e-storage of health records

We have entered into a partnership with the company List d.o.o., which supports the operation of health care institutions throughout Slovenia with its Hipokrat software solution. We have been successfully cooperating with List for several years, and now we have upgraded our cooperation by concluding a partnership with which we will provide legally compliant electronic storage of documents in the cloud to healthcare organizations that use the Hipokrat solution.


What kind of documentation can be destroyed and how?

In the last video from the series Internal Rules, our hosts Nika Jelenc from sales and Ivo Vasev, product manager of InDoc EDGE information management platform, explain which documentation may be destroyed, how and under what conditions. There are two types of documentation - documentary and archival material,and the latter is subject to special rules.


Innovation Partner 2020 is partner Inbox

We simply cannot ignore our North Macedonian partner Inbox' contribution to the digitalization of business in 2020. Their contribution to the development, innovation and expansion of business digitalisation is an incentive for Mikrocop as well and we believe in mutual success.


CloudIT is a Value Added Reseller Partner 2020

The fast pace and constant market changes require agile adjustments and outside the box thinking. Thanks to our partners, we are able to strategically achieve the goals we set.