Spotlight on Mikrocop and InDoc EDGE: Successful Event Showcases

Two successful presentations are behind us, where we showcased the benefits and features of the InDoc EDGE solution in different business areas. We participated in the Slovenian HR Congress and the Conference on Quality and Excellence.


At the Slovenian HR Congress, we presented a solution for digital personnel files, which truly represent a rich source of information for HR departments, hence it makes sense to manage them correctly and efficiently. Expert in the digitalization of HR processes, Nataša Centa, highlighted some challenges faced by HR professionals and emphasized the benefits of digitalizing HR documentation.

At the Conference on Quality and ExcellenceMiha Škrabar, product manager of support services, alongside guest Aleš Rozman, MD, director of the Maternity hospital and gynecology clinic in Kranj, presented how effective ISO documentation management with the InDoc EDGE solution has proven in practice.

During both events, we hosted a booth where we not only provided professional advice but also created a positive atmosphere, engaging participants with a Memory game giveaway. This allowed us to establish new business connections and reinforce existing ones.

Live events truly offer an opportunity to foster authentic business relationships.