HR'kofi meeting themed around stress relief

Our second HR'kofi meeting for HR professionals was led by guest speaker Daniela Bervar Kotolenko, an entrepreneur, speaker, and agile coach. We discussed stress and efficiency with her. She ensured the workshop was interactive and facilitated the exchange of experiences among participants.


The meeting, hosted by HR process digitalization expert Nataša Centa, once again took place in a relaxed atmosphere. Nataša's guest, Daniela Bervar Kotolenko, an expert in people management and coaching, dedicated the meeting to the ever-relevant topic of workplace stress. She explained that every challenge can be resolved and that stress originates within us as a reaction to our environment. Therefore, it's important to feel good at work and to communicate well with colleagues. This is especially crucial in HR, where we encounter a wide variety of personality types. For a team to function well, it's important to adapt communication styles to each team member.

Through a practical workshop, HR professionals tried the retrospective method as a way of working and collaborating within a team. Participants exchanged experiences and shared ideas for managing stress factors.

Participants also considered that it would be beneficial to teach children from a young age about the importance of adapting communication to the listener. On the other hand, it's crucial to ensure that understanding the needs and personality types of colleagues is not misused or manipulated.

As always, time flew by, and we parted with new knowledge and connections. The meeting was fully booked, and we look forward to the next one on September 12th. HR'kofi has proven to be an excellent opportunity for sharing new knowledge, engaging in relaxed conversations, and honestly exchanging views on current HR topics.