Spring event schedule

During the springtime, leading up to summer, we're planning several eventful activities that might pique your interest. To make it easier for you to keep track, we've gathered them all in one place and invite you to mark them on your calendar.


The events organized by Mikrocop are announced continuously in the Events section, where you can register. For events organized by partners, we recommend visiting their registration pages.

4/11/2024 at 12.50 PM // Slovene HR congress, Hotel Bernardin, Portorož

The lecture, led by Nataša Centa, an expert in HR digitalization, focuses on the current topic - Modern Personnel Files: How to Harness a Rich Source of Information.

4/18/2024 at 11 AM // Webinar: HRM - Efficient Management of Personnel Files

In the final installment of the HRM webinar series, Nataša Centa, an expert in HR business digitalization, will present the benefits of managing digital personnel files and the advantages gained by the HR department through this approach.

4/23/2024 at 5 PM // Conference on Quality and Excellence, Hotel Slovenija, Portorož

At the largest event in Slovenia focusing on quality and excellence, where members of the SZKO (Slovenian Association for Quality and Excellence) as well as renowned domestic and foreign experts present the latest developments in the field of quality and exchange knowledge and practical experiences, Management of ISO Documentation with InDoc EDGE will be presented by Miha Škrabar, Product Manager of Support Services, and Aleš Rozman, MD, director of the Maternity Hospital and Gynecology Clinic in Kranj.

5/23/2024 at 10 AM // HR'kofi, Mikrocop

At this upcoming HR professionals' meeting, we will be addressing the topic of Stress and Efficiency in the Workplace. Guest speaker Daniela Bervar Kotolenko, MBA, will conduct an interactive workshop for the participants with Nataša Centa.

5/28/2024 at 10 AM // Discover the benefits of archiving with a certified provider (Open House Day), Mikrocop

At this live event, you will learn about the proper storage of physical documentation, what needs to be taken care of when organizing your physical archive, and most importantly, why the security and accessibility of your physical records are best ensured by a certified archive. Miha Čebron, Product Manager of Physical Storage, will also take you on a tour of our archive.

5/30/2024 at 11 AM // Webinar: Quick and Affordable Digital Business Transformation - InDoc EDGE for Small and Medium Enterprises

Do you want to learn how to quickly and easily, without significant investment, start using a digital solution that not only serves as a document system but also manages processes and provides certified electronic archiving? Join the webinar with Anton Gazvoda, an expert in business digitalization, and sales specialist Ajda Progar.