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Sustainable HRM - from words to actions

The human resources function in the company has long gone beyond the scope of more advanced internal administration, ever since we realized that companies cannot grow without quality personnel. As the role of the HR department in companies increases, it is important that the HR function also reflects a sustainable approach both in its work and in activities for employees.


Project CEDIT. SI in full swing

Effective all-inclusive and simple digital business with customers, partners and employees is becoming a key advantage of the company in the market. Companies that invest intensively in partner ecosystems for better responsiveness, faster entry into the market and higher product quality, as a rule, also reduce operating costs.


Voucher for digital competences

The voucher for increasing digital competences of the Slovene Enterprise Fund is still open. Why not take advantage of the opportunity and secure part of the funds for the education of your employees and thus further encourage the acquisition of new skills in key areas of digitization?


DigiMeet 2022 - four days of relevant content, interesting guests, and numerous ideas for business digitalization

After four days of seminars and productive debates, we have successfully brought to an end this year's online DigiMeet 2022 event 'Sustainable Future with the Right Digital Support'. At DigiMeet we talked with our partners to provide an overview of the digitalization in the glass production industry, banking and healthcare, and to look at digitalization through the lens of environment protection.


The right solutions facilitate easier adaptation to new forms of work

Working from home requires a change in thinking throughout the organization. In fact, when an organization introduces working from home, new guidelines are required that define who can and cannot work from home and justify those decisions.


Fly with us into InDoc EDGE cloud at the NT conference

Mikrocop is participating in the NT conference 2022 as a sponsoring partner. You will be able to fly with us at the exhibition area! Where to? To the cloud! Into InDoc EDGE cloud where we constantly follow trends in digitalization. Visit us between September 26th and 28th at the Bernardin Hotel!


InDoc EDGE: autumn version just around the corner

The months pass quickly and the new, autumn version of InDoc EDGE in the cloud is already coming. As always, it follows the needs of customers and brings some innovations. In addition to technical improvements, the new version also includes new functionalities:


In 2021, the Mikrocop group acquired the most customers in recent years

We successfully transferred new business ways, implemented during the corona crisis to 2021 and made sure that the epidemic affected our business as little as possible. Still our business success was marked by some strategic business decisions of our key customers.


The opinion of Mikrocop experts counts

The June issue of Bančni vestnik of the Association of Slovenian Banks includes an article by Ivo Vasev, product manager of the digital platform InDoc EDGE, in which he discusses how to meet the needs of all stakeholders in an increasingly saturated financial market while maintaining consistent operations.