How to emphasize the importance of HR digitalization

The effects of digitalization and digital transformation on business in various fields are proven. Yet, despite this, a quarter of companies are still postponing digitalization or have not yet begun planning it. At Mikrocop, we aim to bring important content that aids in digitalization in the HR field closer to users in various ways.


We know, how important it is to have the right information for proper decision-making, whether it's personal or business. That's why at Mikrocop, we strive to prepare informative and educational content for various business areas in various ways. Why?

People receive, encode, and store information from the environment through perceptual systems or channels. Some prefer to see information, others hear it, and still others feel it. Our goal is to prepare information that helps users to discover, understand, and expand their knowledge in the field of digitalization of HR processes in such a way that its message achieves its purpose.

Our informative content can be found in the form of blogs, e-guides, infographics, free webinars, live events, and video formats. This time, we want to introduce two new videos prepared for you by the expert in digitalization of HR processes, Nataša Centa.

In the first video, Nataša presents the challenges that HR departments face in modern business especially in the field of document management, while in the second one, you can learn about the benefits that the digitalization of HR processes brings to the organization of the HR department.