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We help you to digitize and automate business processes and establish a centralized electronic storage of all your documents using certified InDoc Edge solutions. With increased operational security and guaranteed legal compliance of document management and process implementation, we ensure that you take full advantage of the digital transformation.

We support you on your path to paperless business – we apply proven methodologies and have experienced experts of various profiles in our consulting teams. Contact us!

Tone Gazvoda, Business consultant at Mikrocop

What are the key benefits of paperless business when using InDoc EDGE solutions?

Transparency and efficiency

InDoc EDGE process solutions increase transparency and efficiency of your business.

Improved collaboration

Improving document management simplifies collaboration and prevents document loss.

Availability when you need it

Access documents from any device, anywhere and anytime.

Reduced operational risk

Implementation of InDoc EDGE has been proven to reduce day-to-day operational risks.

Appropriate data protection

Our solutions are fully compatible with GDPR, so it is easier to focus on process optimization.

Legal compliance by default

The platform is certified by the administrative authorities and ensures legal compliance.


When you are considering implementing new solutions to support paperless operations, remember that (yet another) application will not respond to your key challenges for you; however, if it is the right solution, it can certainly help. Therefore, we recommend that you first objectively evaluate your current situation and identify your key business process needs, legal requirements, and any other restrictions that affect your business before implementing new solutions. Based on the functional requirements evaluated, you can choose the most appropriate solution and define the priorities for implementing paperless business processes (for example, which process types, organizational units, group companies, etc.).

We are convinced that the established organizational culture, the pressure of your existing business processes and ongoing operations makes this difficult to achieve from within an organization. In that case, the perspective of an outside expert may be worth its weight in gold.


Are we expecting too much from paperless business?

At Mikrocop and other providers, we offer solutions for paperless business and promise to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ensure legal compliance. But can we also fulfil these promises?

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