InDoc EDGE digital solutions

Switch to paperless business with digital InDoc EDGE solutions

The InDoc EDGE platform combines the capabilities of document management systems (DMS), business process management (BPM) and records management systems (RMS). With the platform’s process solutions, you can respond to key business challenges – from simple day-to-day tasks such as distribution of incoming mail or settlement of incoming invoices to more demanding tasks involving various users and, as a rule, including automated decision-making based on operational rules.

Use of the InDoc EDGE process solutions reduces your day-to-day operational and financial risks. The platform is certified by the administrative authorities and is compatible with the GDPR. The InDoc EDGE system is legally compliant, secure, and reliable and can significantly improve the transparency and efficiency of your operations.

As we are aware of the importance of data security, including the security of our clients’ personal data, our law firm has decided on InDoc EDGE, which provides safe storage that meets the standards of the Archives Material Act. As I do most of my work which requires access to files at home in the evenings, the option of secure remote access provides great benefit. Taking large files home from the office is now outdated.

Dr. Nataša Pirc Musar, Law Office of Pirc Musar & Partners o. p., d. o. o.

11 benefits from InDoc EDGE

  • Better focus on the core business
  • Lower operating costs of your business
  • Increased transparency and efficiency of work
  • Increased security and better control of data
  • Effective prevention of document loss
  • Improved collaboration with colleagues
  • Greater accessibility of documents and processes
  • Reduced risks – financial and operational
  • Ensured legal compliance (incl. GDPR)
  • Certification by the administrative authorities
  • Positive impact on employee satisfaction

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How do InDoc EDGE solutions simplify your business?

Improve document management

A complete overview of documents, versions, and access allows for real-time notification of changes and prevents document loss.

Promote collaboration

You can assign documents to colleagues, comment on them, organize them, and establish access according to roles within the team.

Ensure authenticity of documents

Documents are digitally signed and stamped, establishing an audit trail for each one.

Increase efficiency of processes

Documents can be subjected to various customized (automated) processes, either on a structured or an ad-hoc basis.

Access to documents from affiliates

Enable central management of documents from affiliated companies from one place.

At your location or in the cloud

Manage various processes and an extremely large volume of documents for an affordable price either at your location or in the cloud.

Provide access anytime and anywhere

Access documents remotely from any device, anytime and anywhere.

Ensure legal compliance

Certified by the administrative authorities, InDoc EDGE provides control over archived documents and the highest levels of security and support.


When you are considering implementing new solutions to support paperless operations, remember that (yet another) application will not respond to your key challenges for you; however, if it is the right solution, it can certainly help. Therefore, we recommend that you first objectively evaluate your current situation and identify your key business process needs, legal requirements, and any other restrictions that affect your business before implementing new solutions. Based on the functional requirements evaluated, you can choose the most appropriate solution and define the priorities for implementing paperless business processes (for example, which process types, organizational units, group companies, etc.).

We are convinced that the established organizational culture, the pressure of your existing business processes and ongoing operations makes this difficult to achieve from within an organization. In that case, the perspective of an outside expert may be worth its weight in gold.

At Mikrocop we help you to digitize and automate business processes and establish a centralized electronic storage of all your documents using certified InDoc Edge solutions. With increased operational security and guaranteed legal compliance of document management and process implementation, we ensure that you take full advantage of the digital transformation.


Are we expecting too much from paperless business?

At Mikrocop and other providers, we offer solutions for paperless business and promise to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ensure legal compliance. But can we also fulfil these promises?

We recommend good practice

InDoc EDGE digital solutions

Process solutions

The InDoc EDGE process solutions are proven to reduce costs, increase business efficiency, and ensure legal compliance.


InDoc EDGE digital solutions

Document management

A proven document management system (DMS) increases the accessibility of documents and your business efficiency.


InDoc EDGE digital solutions

Business process management

The business process management (BPM) system enables you to optimize your business processes, thus adding value to your business.


InDoc EDGE digital solutions

Certified digital archive

The InDoc EDGE platform is certified by the administrative authorities. We assure that your documents are securely stored in the digital archive.


InDoc EDGE Cloud system requirements

Supported devices

You can access the InDoc EDGE cloud application from a personal computer or any mobile device with a screen resolution of at least 1024 × 768 pixels (when using a mobile phone, we recommend turning on the desktop mode). Please note that the responsiveness might vary depending on the performance of your device.

Supported browsers

We recommend using the latest version of one of these browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft EDGE
Secure connection

Access to the InDoc EDGE cloud application requires a secure HTTPS connection.

Please note that the use of the HTTP 1.0 communication protocol or the limiting of the communication speed below 1 Mbs can effect the responsiveness.

Safe use and support

We reserve the right to disable the use of InDoc EDGE to a malicious user or user with an infected or unprotected client device.

We can only provide assistance and user support in the described environment.