Cookies are small text files that most websites save into their users’ devices in order to identify individual devices used for access.



Cookies are essential in providing user friendly web services. The most common functions of e-commerce would not be possible without cookies. Interaction between a website and a web user is faster and simpler when using cookies. They enable a website to remember an individual's preferences and experience, which saves time while making online browsing more efficient and user friendly.

Cookies are used by most websites since they are a useful tool for maintaining fresh and appropriate content that complies with the interests and preferences of a web user. There are many reasons for using cookies. They store data on the status of each site (website adjustments), assist in the implementation of various online services (signing up for events), and help with gathering various statistics on the habits of web users. They can be used to track the frequency of visits to the site. Through the use of cookies, companies can assess the efficiency of website design and the suitability of the type and number of advertisements which they offer to their website users.


This website uses cookies to identify your device (PC, mobile device) and to adjust the content displayed and track visits. It also helps us to learn about how the site is used and which areas are popular, which in turn helps us to improve our website and better understand your needs. Cookies are also instrumental in helping us ensure proper functioning of the site.



Necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for the operation of the website. They are crucial and without them, the page would not work perfectly. They are set up when you make any interaction with a website. Using this group of cookies is automatic and you cannot manage the settings of this group.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are used for collecting statistics about website usage. They are designed to improve the user experience and help the users find their desired information more quickly. Analytical cookies are used together with the Google Analytics tool to ensure anonymization of personal data. Data anonymization using Google Analytics is not reversible, meaning that it is not possible to associate or in any way identify an individual user based on anonymized data. As a result, we receive complete statistical reports on visits and activities on our website but we cannot use data on users for any other purpose, as the user remains completely anonymous. In accordance with legislative requirements, Google Analytics allows us to cooperate with external service providers for website analytics, without critically affecting the relevance of obtained metrics. We also user first-party cookies, meaning that only our website can provide and read these cookies, while third parties cannot (e.g. Google). Even though the data collected is anonymized and cannot be linked to a specific or identifiable user, we provide the option to reject use of cookies from this group.

Third-party targeting and advertising cookies

Third-party targeting and advertising cookies tracks your visits to our site, subsites, and the links you follow. These cookies help us show the content that is most relevant to your interests which have been identified on the basis of subsites/links you have visited or followed and posts you have read.



Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are used for collecting information about website usage in order to improve its design, content and capability. However, we will only use these cookies provided you have given your consent and have not disabled them.

Name Purpose Duration Provider
_ga Website views statistics 2 years Google Analytics

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Advertising cookies

For online behavioral advertising purposes, advertising cookies of partner companies may be installed on your device when you use our website. These cookies are used for collecting information on the websites you visit. These cookies are subject to your consent and will only be used if have not disabled them.

Name Purpose Duration Provider
id User identification and direct marketing 1 year Double Click
bku, bkdc User identification and direct marketing 6 months Blue Kai
datr, fr, lu User identification and direct marketing 3 mesece do 1 leto Facebook
User identification and direct marketing 6 months to 1 year Google
TapAd_DID, TapAd_TS User identification and direct marketing 2 months
SEUNCY User identification and direct marketing 6 months

Advertising cookies can be managed by visiting the website


With the exception of strictly necessary cookies, you can choose whether to allow cookies on your device or not. In your browser you can change your cookie settings or delete cookies from your device:

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Essential cookies are required for the proper functioning of this website. They are set up automatically when you interact with this site. Analytical cookies are designed to collect information about the use of this website in order to improve its performance and user experience. Marketing cookies are used to collect information on the websites you visit to provide access to restricted information and relevant content.
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