Ajda Progar

25/5/2023 at 11:00

Webinar // See, try, digitalize!

How to Digitize Business Quickly and Easily? And preferably without significant initial costs? InDoc EDGE in the cloud is a solution for digitizing business that ensures that you will digitize your business documentation and processes in practically just a few clicks.

Ajda Progar, Anton Gazvoda

21/4/2022 at 11:00

Webinar // Easy access to health documentation - fast and legally compliant

We present a partnership solution to healthcare organizations. We connected Hipokrat solution with the InDoc EDGE cloud service, which enables legally compliant storage of documents and fast and secure access to documentation. Connectivity of solutions helps to improve the overall health care of the patient and reduce the time required to find the right information and documents.

Ajda Progar, Andrej Sovič, Anton Gazvoda