Automated data capture delivers added value

In today's world data is a valuable asset that only reaches its full value when is it effectively captured and processed.

Avtomatizacija zajema podatkov prinaša dodano vrednost

With that in mind, data that is normally scattered across several locations and different documents and forms has to be collected in one place and converted into a format suitable for processing. This can be done using automated data capture , that is based on technically demanding and complex procedures with up to 99.99% accuracy of data recognition.

  • Data is becoming more valuable than oil.

Source: The Economist, 2017

With dedicated hardware and software we can efficiently extract data from documents of various formats. This is the basis for the digitization of operations and enables optimization and robotization of business process execution.

The more structured the documents, the higher the reliability of data capture

The more structured the document form, the better our knowledge of the type of data certain parts of the document will contain, the higher the reliability of data capture.

Form of document

Known type of data

Known location of data

Document examples

  • Structured
  • Forms
  • Surveys and polls
  • Insurance claims
  • Half-structured
  • Invoicec
  • Contracts
  • Exectutions
  • Non-structured
  • Offers
  • Letters
  • Notes

What added value does automated data capture bring?

Automated extraction data from documents helps optimize the execution of business processes in the company, which is, as a result, increasing in speed and efficiency. The automated process allows us to avoid manual operations and improve data capture accuracy. Errors are eliminated more quickly at the start of the process, which increases the overall process quality.

Kakšno dodano vrednost prinaša avtomatizacija zajema podatkov?

Data capture speeds up business processes and optimizes operations

By automating data capture we can free employees of repetitive tasks, letting them focus on the work that generates added value. Added value is the result of:

  • Faster execution of business processes,
  • Lowering the costs of entering data into the information system
  • Lower possibility of error.
  • Automated data capture cut data entry costs by up to 50%.


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Gašper Horvat

Gašper Horvat works at Mikrocop as Business Analyst. He is responsible for digitization and advanced automation of data and document capture. Gašper believes that laziness drives the development of automated solutions. His favorite challenges are those linked to business process and workflow optimization projects at Mikrocop and in client organizations.