Which priorities will be your key to success in the year 2023?

Last year, companies once again faced many challenging situations in the market. Geopolitical conditions, rising costs of raw materials and labor costs encouraged many to accelerate the introduction of modern digital technologies. And it is clear that this will remain the case in 2023, and in fact may well escalate.

The need for new digital solutions for hybrid and remote work, faster business decision-making and the automation of manual and routine business processes remains extremely high. The economy is also facing the growing challenge of sustainability, cyber threats and high customer expectations in relation to the protection of sensitive data, in all spheres of business.

There's not much time for reflection. The most agile and developed companies will take advantage of all the opportunities created by constant change to ensure greater efficiency, control, lower costs and, consequently, increase competitiveness and secure greater gains.

Če res želimo varovati osebne podatke, moramo zanje skrbeti celovito

What will you take advantage of and where will you focus your energy?

We asked our experts, researched trends and defined four key activities that we believe will have a tremendous impact on the way we work and do business. Not only in 2023, but also in terms of the long-term resilience of companies and the ability to adapt to changing market conditions.

»Newly established companies that plan optimal processes from the outset will be the fastest to tackle the digitalization and optimization of business processes. In order to successfully compete in the market, other companies will be forced to proceed faster than they have to date, due, among other factors, to the less predictable business environment, in light of the current global economic conditions. The focus will be on the migration of services to the cloud.«

Primož Likar, Head of Technology

➡️Improve the digital experience for employees and customers

Implement the appropriate digital tools to support your key business processes and empower employees to use them. This will facilitate their work and connect them into a harmonized whole. Tasks will be completed faster and more thoughtfully.

Če res želimo varovati osebne podatke, moramo zanje skrbeti celovito

More efficient organization of work also means a better customer experience. Today, customers mainly require comprehensive and exceptional experiences. In addition to the price and quality of services or products, it is particularly important how customers experience the process of choosing, buying and enjoying the goods or services they pay for.

The technology is available, and it can help you meet, or better still, exceed customers' growing expectations.

»Companies are becoming more aware by the day that the digitalization of business is a necessity. To this end, they usually prioritize the digitization of their core business. However, they soon find out that it makes sense to digitize the majority of business processes, the common point of which are documents that are already in electronic form at the source. The key to this is the introduction of a connectable document management and exchange system and an electronic storage system that will support documents throughout their entire life cycle.«

Andreja Vehar, Business Analyst/Project Manager

➡️Limit financial risk

In a time of rapid changes on the market, the optimization of financial process is key. A lack of integrity, accessibility and correctness of financial information means greater risk when making key decisions, or can cause delays in sales and procurement procedures, all of which can also seriously threaten your business.

Therefore, centralizing your financial and purchasing documentation in one place provides all stakeholders with quick access and insight into the latest version of documents. Simplifying the validation of accounting documents – such as purchase orders, invoices or delivery notes, as well as preventing the possibility of losses – is also key.

The InDoc EDGE digital platform provides your employees with a hybrid and secure environment for carefree work and effective collaboration among all teams. The platform provides centralized storage of all business documents, thus serving as a key source of content throughout the entire organization. It also makes exchanging documents and concluding contracts with customers easy and faster, thanks to the excellent digital experience provided by friendly and legally compliant e-signing.

➡️ Ensure the protection of personal data

The adoption of the Slovenian Data Protection Act (ZVOP-2) has empowered the competent instutions in Slovenia to impose potentially very high fines, as has been stipulated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for several years. That is why it's crucial to get your business compliant as soon as possible.

Of course, you shouldn't only be guided by the fear of high fines, but above all by the awareness that nowadays, transparent business and the decision to adopt a comprehensive approach to the protection of personal and sensitive data also means an important competitive advantage. It increases your reputation and maintains your customers' trust.

»We can expect a further acceleration of the digital transformation of business with an emphasis on automation and the increasing use of artificial intelligence. The trend of involving external stakeholders in company processes will continue, and successful hybrid work will require even more efficient and agile cooperation among colleagues and teams. In the future, companies will have to pay special attention to uniformity and business security, and in the context of cooperation, particularly the sharing of confidential content and sensitive personal data.«

Ivo Vasev, Indoc EDGE Product Manager

➡️ Do business more sustainably

Is your business still burdened by the cost of paper, printing, sending mailouts and storing documents?

Če res želimo varovati osebne podatke, moramo zanje skrbeti celovito

One of the first steps in digitalization is the transition to paperless business, which helps to reduce the impact on the environment. It is also the basis for hybrid work, which enables remote connectivity and collaboration with partners, suppliers and customers.

All the above save a lot of time and resources, thereby allowing for greater efficiency and better business results, while at the same time pushing your carbon footprint down every year. A winning combination for both your business and the environment.

»In 2023, the market will prioritize the search for tools for digitizing processes. A significant optimization of costs is possible in this area, because digitization makes work easier, helps to reduce carbon footprint and leads from a linear to a circular economy.«

Nataša Centa, Business Digitalization Expert

The InDoc EDGE platform is an excellent choice for your first step towards a sustainable business and a secure future. It is a cloud-based service in which managing the lifecycle of your documents will be simple, comprehensive and secure.

Check out how easy it is to fulfil your goals with InDoc EDGE.

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Tjaša Poljšak

Tjaša Poljšak is Director of Sales and Marketing at Mikrocop. She believes that with the right approach, no challenge is too great so she actively promotes exchange of ideas, teamwork and a positive work environment. Tjaša is driven by the satisfaction of her clients as she steers them along the path of digital transformation, convinced that luck favors the digital.