Webinar - New version of InDoc EDGE is coming

In the webinar, we presented the new capabilities, improvements and changes in the InDoc EDGE version.

5/7/2022 at 14:00

Anton Gazvoda, business digitalization expert, and Ivo Vasev, product owner of the InDoc EDGE information management platform, have:

  • presented live new capabilities on concrete examples
  • showed examples of the use of two-way document sharing
  • presented the timetable and activities for the transition to production
  • answered your questions and challenges

Watch the recording


  • Date: 8/7/2022 at 14:00
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Language: Slovene
  • Registration fee: free

Anton Gazvoda

Anton Gazvoda is a Business Digitalization Expert. He has been actively involved in developing complex data management solutions since 2000 and has acquired extensive experience in document and process management. At Mikrocop, he helps companies from different industries improve their efficiency by implementing optimized workflow solutions.

Ivo Vasev

Ivo Vasev is the Product Owner of Mikrocop's InDoc EDGE information management platform. Through his endeavors at the intersection of different business areas and IT, he searches for answers to the challenges of digital transformation, focusing extensively on the customer experience and new ways to help companies realize their digital potential.

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