InDoc EDGE Archive Book solution for paper archive management to enhance Mikrocop's physical documentation storage and management services

At Mikrocop, we follow the needs of the market and respond to them with customized solutions that address the specific needs of customers. We are presenting a cloud solution InDoc EDGE Archive Book, which is an add on and a complementary solution to Mikrocop's physical documentation management services of client's archives or physical storage services in Mikrocop's archive centers.


The transfer of documentation for safekeeping to external archives brings many benefits to the owners of the documentation, but it also means that their direct control is reduced. The choice of physical storage service provider must therefore be prudent and the external contractor's archives properly equipped and maintained. An additional advantage in choosing a long-term partner is in its ability to provide a simple solution for monitoring and managing physical documentation records.

Excel and other similar formats of lists involving manual records are obsolete, as they do not allow efficient and secure management of large amounts of records, while not providing traceable and controlled access to data. The InDoc EDGE Archive Book makes it easy to monitor and manage physical documentation records in a digital solution, where the client reviews, sorts, and searches with preset search engines the list of documentation it keeps in physical form. The solution also enables the owner of the material to perform inquiries or orders of original documentation, with the possibility to receive digitized copies of individual documentation directly in the solution InDoc EDGE Archive Book. This allows a secure exchange of documents between entities and in accordance with agreed access authorizations.

The Archive Book solution was established on the powerful and modern InDoc EDGE document platform, which enables efficient work with documents, and is also a certified electronic storage service at the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia.

The use of the Archive Book thus not only means faster, easier and more secure access to the records of archived physical material, but also represents a step into digital business for documentation owners.

Gain control over storage of physical documentation and ensure fast and controlled access to records!

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