Mikrocop’s renovated ground floor grand opening

We completed the office renovation on the ground floor of the Mikrocop office building, which we marked with the official opening in mid-April.


The renovation, which combines modern working environment, trends in sustainability and the specific needs of the IT department for fluidity and flexibility, largely considered and accepted the wishes of employees as well. Thus, the renovated premises enable work in smaller isolated groups, and at the same time grouping into larger working units, when so required.

In addition to bright and airy spaces, the renovation with natural wooden materials that radiate warmth and homeliness brings greater comfort, which is indispensable in a modern work environment.

»The renovation project was more or less aligned with the project plan. Once we reached a consensus on design, we did not have any major challenges with the renovation. I would like to thank all the contractors who did their job well and coworkers who were involved in this project and took care of those small details that make the new premises really pleasant,« said Primož Rup, Director of Information Infrastructure and Head of renovation project.

The design of the premises is based on Mikrocop’s corporate visual identity and thus strengthens the sense of belonging. In addition to the new offices, there are also common areas for meetings and socializing. The modernly designed kitchen with leisure space is complemented by a book corner, board games corners, floor areas with various activities and plenty of wall writing areas.

»Simona Kogovšek, director of Mikrocop, about the renovation: »I am very happy that we successfully finished this renovation, I am convinced that the employees will feel comfortable and hope this is a good incentive for creativity and innovation. Of course, we plan to continue the renovation process where needed«.

We wish everyone a pleasant stay and lots of new ideas in a new working environment!