Open House Day at Mikrocop's Archive

At the meetings "Discover the Advantages of Archiving with a Certified Provider," which were held in both morning and afternoon sessions due to high demand, Miha Čebron, the product manager for physical storage, also took the participants on a tour of our archive.


At two Open House Day meetings at the archive, we presented the most important points of correct and legally compliant archiving and took the guests on a tour of our physical storage archive with the highest level of security.

For all those burdened by paper documentation stored in folders, binders, and files, we organized meetings where Miha Čebron presented the advantages of archiving business documentation with an external, certified provider. He shared a wealth of practical experience with the participants, and they also discussed the challenges they face in their daily work in this field.

Companies face various challenges: from inadequate spaces, to a lack of space, significant time lost searching for documents, and sometimes even losing them. They also deal with improper conditions for storing business documentation, insufficient knowledge and lack of staff, unauthorized access, and a lack of traceability.

Miha Čebron also presented the InDoc EDGE Archive Book solution to the guests, which allows clients to more easily manage physical documentation digitally in the archive. We also took them to one of our physical documentation archives, where they could observe best practices in the storage of physical materials.