Personal data protection should be supported by a long-term strategy!

Do you manage personal data in accordance with the set strategy or ad hoc? The protection of personal data is an area that requires special attention from the legal point of view and from the point of view of information security and business compliance, so it is advisable to prepare an appropriate personal data management strategy.


In the latest video from a series of short videos on GDPR, Director of General Affairs Alenka Fic Mikolič and Grega Vozel, lawyer and DPO for external clients, explain how to tackle a long-term personal data management strategy. They briefly describe why the analysis of the situation is important and what steps the strategy covers. All steps of the strategy serve their purpose, but above all they follow the goal of collecting, processing and storing personal data in the company in accordance with the law, in order to detect, eliminate and prevent irregularities.

As Alenka and Grega say, the process of personal data protection is a living thing that needs to be carried out regularly and carefully. Adequate protection of personal data based on a long-term strategy is also reflected in greater trust between customers and partners.