Tender for the digital transformation

In March, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology announced a long-awaited tender for the digital transformation of companies worth 44 million euros, aimed at boosting productivity, optimizing and reducing production and operating costs, and raising the competitiveness and commercialization of innovative solutions.


Candidates for the call will apply for and implement digitization projects only in consortia of three to ten companies, with at least one of them large and two medium-sized or small businesses. As the leading provider of services and solutions for digitalization of business in Slovenia with its digital platform InDoc EDGE, Mikrocop is the right partner to participate in a consortium for all those companies that would like to include a digital platform for connecting advanced technologies, managing business documents in electronic form and optimization and digitization of business processes. Applicants in the tender act as consortium partners, the maximum amount for the project is EUR 2.2 million, and the application must be submitted by 28 April 2022.

The objectives of the tender are:

  • Greater resilience of companies and reduction of the consequences of the Covid crisis
  • Better economic efficiency
  • Promoting social connectivity (raising digital competences, flexibility, connectivity of employees' knowledge and skills)
  • Strengthening territorial cohesion (eliminating regional disparities).

 Co-financed projects must follow the following stages:

  • Creating a digital strategy
  • Technological enhancement for digital transformation
  • Implementing solutions in business processes.

Details of the tender (slovene only) HERE. Contact us for more information!