The opinion of Mikrocop experts counts

The June issue of Bančni vestnik of the Association of Slovenian Banks includes an article by Ivo Vasev, product manager of the digital platform InDoc EDGE, in which he discusses how to meet the needs of all stakeholders in an increasingly saturated financial market while maintaining consistent operations.


Digital business is a key advantage for the banking market. But it is very different from the paper business of past decades. Although digitalisation offers friendlier solutions and opportunities for cooperation with all stakeholders, legal compliance must not be overlooked.

In his article, Ivo Vasev highlights two key challenges for banks: ensuring the efficiency of operations in today's rapidly changing business world and providing the best possible user experience. In the article Challenges of coherent digital business of banks, Vasev explains how to address these two challenges, what opportunities open up prudent digital business, supported by appropriate digital tools.

Digital transformation, ie. using technology to significantly improve our work and performance requires us to make customers, business partners, employees and other stakeholders part of our information system and teams. In the future, it enables us to be more efficient and opens up new opportunities that we might not otherwise have noticed. To take advantage of these opportunities, we need a flexible information system that enables the integration of content-focused services with business solutions and other tools for digital business, states Vasev in his article (Slovene only).