Case studies

Are you facing challenges brought on by digitization, clients’ high expectations and changes in legislation? See how some of Slovenia’s leading companies have dealt with these challenges and how Mikrocop was able to help them.

A1 data center at Mikrocop business premises

»It is very difficult to find premises that fulfil our requirements. We chose Mikrocop as their facility meets the high security standards and requirements needed to set up data centers. The center is also located near our main building, which is also an important advantage as it makes it easier for our experts to access the equipment on a daily basis.«

A1 Slovenija, d. d.

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Digitization of the enforcement order handling process at Abanka

»As enforcers of decisions, we faced extremely large quantities of enforcement orders on a daily basis that needed to be processed by hand immediately after receiving them since they were in paper form. The digitization put in place by Mikrocop has brought significant savings by cutting the costs of manually inputting data and storing documents.«

Abanka d.d.

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Electronic archives as Addiko bank’s competitive advantage

»We carried out the integration of business applications with an electronic archive, which allows employees to quickly access necessary information. This solution works perfectly in accord with the process of bank tellers dealing with customers. Today the bank has over 90 per cent of its documents in a digitalized form.«

Addiko Bank d.d.

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Exchanging paper documents for e-documents at Adriatica Slovenica

»Since the company receives documents through various entry points – the mailroom, various branches, sales points and a large number of remote branches, it made having control over the incoming documents even harder. This is why we wanted to set up a centralised mailroom in one location and made the decision to let it be run by an external provider.«

Adriatic Slovenica d.d.

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Reorganization of the archives at the Agraria Koper Agricultural Cooperative

»At the Agraria Koper Agricultural Cooperative we face an increasing amount of paper documents on a daily basis which we then store in our own archives. These premises are now suitably organised, but in the past, it was almost impossible to locate certain documents. The reorganization of our physical archives allowed us to regain control over our documents.«

KZ Agraria Koper, z.o.o., Koper

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Paperless investment savings application at ALTA Skladi

»Due to the increasing number of documents, higher costs of document management and storage, and above all the time and effort that employees need to invest into carrying out business processes, we decided to implement a paperless business solution. Among other things, investors can now join ALTA Skladi in a completely paperless way.«

ALTA Skladi d.d.

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Paperless management of received invoices at the Avtotehna Group

»At the Avtotehna Group, we succeeded in shortening the invoice processing procedure that sometimes used to take more than a week down to 2 to 4 days. This is of key importance for us, as we can take advantage of additional discounts by optimizing payments to suppliers, subsequently increasing our profitability.«

Avtera d.o.o.

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Efficient document management at the NLB Vita insurance company

»Prior to the introduction of electronic archiving, we sometimes needed all day to retrieve a specific document, now, they are all accessible with a few mouse clicks. In this way, we reduced operating costs and, at the same time, increased responsiveness in meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.«

NLB Vita d. d. Ljubljana

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UniCredit has used a cloud-based electronic archive for over 10 years

»Analyses showed that handing over custody of the documents to an external provider and introducing e-archiving was the best option for us. It was also an opportunity to optimize processes and reduce costs relating to the management of documents in paper form.«

UniCredit Banka Slovenija d.d.

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