Dedicated equipment

OCR hardware

Accelerate the capture and verification of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data with dedicated OCR hardware. The use of dedicated software is recommended for larger document volumes and more complex capture of metadata; the more documents are structured, the more reliable is machine recognition.

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Gorazd Zajc, Senior technologist at Mikrocop


Mikrocop is proud to partner with Kofax and Top Image Systems

Kofax is the world's leading provider of software for converting paper documents into electronic format and smart data capture from documents. Mikrocop is a long-time partner and certified solution provider for the Kofax software platform.

Top Image Systems is one of the world's leading providers of optical document recognition solutions. At Mikrocop, we distribute and integrate their eFLOW solutions.


Structured documents

Structured documents are most often subjected to automated data capture and hardware OCR. Examples of such documents include:

  • Applications and membership forms
  • Personal data processing consent forms
  • Completed surveys
  • Damage claims


Semi-structured documents

Hardware OCR is increasingly used with semi-structured documents, i.e. documents whose data types are known, but for which the exact locations of data are not known. Examples include:

  • Purchase invoices
  • Contracts
  • Executions


Unstructured documents

In some cases, you may also use dedicated software to retrieve data from unstructured documents, i.e. documents in which both the type and location of information are unknown. As a rule, machine capture is supplemented with manual capture. Examples:

  • Client correspondence
  • Various newsletters and notifications

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