A student solution that detects mobile devices in the area

  12. 04. 2019

The EESTech Challenge 2019 hackathon international competition brought together students at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana last weekend. They competed to solve internet of things (IoT) challenges. At the Mikrocop Challenge, they searched for a solution to detect nearby mobile devices.

Collaboration and new technical knowledge

The main goal of the hackathon was to create a working solution for the given challenge within 24 hours. This competition enables students to use technical knowledge in practice, promotes team work and knowledge sharing, and offers an opportunity for closer contact with companies and mentors.

The challenge to detect a nearby mobile device

We presented the students with the following problem: the unauthorised entry of a mobile device into a secure area in which the use of mobile devices is prohibited to prevent confidential information from being stolen (i.e. by photographing documents). We challenged them to find a solution to detect mobile devices in the immediate vicinity.


The Mikrocop Challenge was accepted by 7 teams from 13 participants, and 6 teams successfully solved the challenge. The students came up with several different solutions, ranging from the highly innovative to the entertaining.


We recognised the Megacops team’s solution - based on MicroServices architecture - as the most appropriate. In addition to the prizes themselves, the members of the winning team - Rok Tavčar, Jan Sušnik and Žan Horvat - also received the opportunity for a stipend or a job at Mikrocop.

A committee chose the three best teams from among all the Hackathon’s participants and challenges. All three developed a solution to our challenge. The // JAsociety team won the Mikrocop challenge by detecting the low-energy Bluetooth signal of mobile devices and using blockchain technology. Slovenia will be represented at the EESTech Challenge 2019 in Munich by Jan Turk, Dejan Dolenc and Erik Ternav.

We congratulate all participants of the hackathon for their commitment, perseverance and creativity, and we wish the //JAsociety team much success in the finals!