Mikrocop at CEBIT 2018

  15. 06. 2018

This year, Mikrocop presented itself for the first time at the CEBIT fair in Hannover. Our intention was to present the InDoc EDGE digital solutions, get feedback from visitors and find business partners for a joint appearance on the EU markets. We were quite successful at that - potential partners from 25 countries, mostly from Germany, have shown interest in cooperation and joint appearance, while the feedback after demonstrating the performance of InDoc EDGE solutions was very positive.

David Habot, Director for strategic development, and Klemen Novak, Business development manager, emphasized the opportunities of paperless business and explained how Mikrocop can help in achieving the benefits of digital transformation. "The InDoc EDGE platform combines the capabilities of document management systems (DMS), business process management (BPM) and that of digital archive (RMS). With the platform’s process solutions, you can respond to key business challenges – reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ensure legal compliance," added Klemen Novak.

Our presentation at the fair took place under the auspices of the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Foreign Investment and Technology (SPIRIT Slovenia, a public agency), which has organized a group presentation of the Slovenian economy at the CEBIT fair. The exhibition was visited by the Slovenian delegation with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Administration, Mr. Boris Koprivnikar and Director General of the Directorate for Informatics Mr. Jurij Bertok.

At the expo you could visit us from June 12 to 15 in Hall 15, booth E67. In the gallery, you can see the confirmed design and photos of the exhibition place from a day before the official opening of the fair and also glances from lively debates on paperless business.