We have established a new partnership in North Macedonia

  04. 04. 2019

In accordance with our strategic orientations and vision, we’ve entered the North Macedonian market by concluding a strategic partnership with Inbox - Archive and Data Center. The capacities of the InDoc EDGE digital platform, which combines the capabilities of document management, business processes management, and electronic storage systems, will be available on the North Macedonian market under Inbox’s brand name.

With their extensive experience in the field of business process digitisation, Inbox - Archive and Data Center is North Macedonia’s leading provider of document management and archiving services. Their business is based on an innovative model of storing and managing both physical and electronic documents. They operate in three different locations, including a 40,000 m3 archive for physical storage as well as their own data centre. Thanks to our partnership, they’ll be able to provide their clients with modern and comprehensive solutions for paperless business.

At the signing of the partnership, Mikrocop director Simona Kogovšek stressed: “At Mikrocop, we believe that our future lies in partnerships through which we can provide even better digital solutions to our customers, thus enabling them to increase their operational efficiency and helping them ensure legal compliance. Therefore, we are pleased to have such a partnership with Inbox - Archive and Data Center, which is considered the leading provider of document management and archiving services on the North Macedonian market.”

By partnering with Inbox - Archive and Data Center, we’re furthering our vision and our goal of becoming the leading provider of paperless business solutions on the wider Adriatic regional market. As a provider of paperless business solutions, we provide the reliable and legally compliant InDoc EDGE digital solution, which enables clients to respond quickly and effectively to key business challenges in a rapidly changing business environment. With its innovative approaches and ideas, Inbox - Archive and Data Center encourages us to constantly improve and to provide our clients with the best solutions possible.