We’ve released the new version of InDoc EDGE 5.6

  17. 12. 2018

The new version of InDoc EDGE 5.6 is already available to our clients. With new capabilities, improved usability, and even greater reliability, InDoc EDGE remains a solution designed for demanding users who want to maximize the benefits of business process digitisation.

The most important new and improved capabilities of InDoc EDGE

  • Supervised sharing of documents with other users and third parties increases transparency and enables you to define time limits for document availability
  • Requiring users to enter a reason for accessing folders and documents containing personal data makes it possible to achieve personal data protection compliance
  • The expanded audit trail improves your ability to monitor use of the solution and makes it easy to restore past events
  • The ability to convert documents into a long-term storage format en masse speeds up document archiving processes
  • Multi-step document deletion reduces the risk of accidental deletion
  • Simplified business process modelling makes it easier to focus on workflows, operational rules, and consequently, business process optimisation
  • Additional content encryption in e-storage effectively reduces the risk of unauthorized data access
  • An extended set of standard reports, available by default, simplifies reporting, improves transparency, and increases compliance

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