Five steps to an organized document storage

When we begin to run out of space to hold a document archive, when we keep business documentation in offices where it is not safe from fire or flood, or when we are desperately searching an important document but seem unable to locate in the archive closet, it may be time to organize our archives.

Pet korakov do urejene hrambe dokumentov

These are just a few challenges we have to face if we are dealing with large quantities of paper-based documents. If these documents can be accessed by unauthorized persons or employees who are not trained to manage the archive, that is another problem. Since such documents are likely to contain personal data, any unauthorized access is a violation of the GDPR and may lead to business loss.

The volume of paper documents continues to grow

Despite the rise of electronic business transactions, the volume of paper documentation is still increasing and often exceeds the capacity of the company’s archive rooms.

When choosing the location of the archive premises, we should make sure they are well-secured to prevent penetration of water, remote from the main gas, plumbing, or sewage installations and heating ducts or smoke exhaust ductwork. The archive room must provide the appropriate humidity level and temperature, and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The shelves that will hold documents must be placed at an appropriate distance from the ceiling, walls and floor.

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Archive mess may be costly

Since archival storage is not the primary function of basements or business offices and these spaces are not properly equipped, a good solution might be to rent archive space at an external archive center that complies with the rules for secure archiving.

How are documents stored in an archive center?

5 korakov do urejene hrambe dokumentov

Document storage in an archive center is characterized by systematic approach to document management and simple overview and access to the needed documents at any time. Access is only granted to authorized persons. Documents in such storage maintains their integrity and authenticity and their long-term durability is enhanced due to optimal storage conditions.

Are you running out of space to archive your documents? Is your staff not properly qualified in document management?

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Miha Čebron

Miha Čebron is Product Manager for Physical Storage, who has more than 15 years of experience in dealing with physical storage and archives. His expertise is Total Archives Management, where he closely observes the principle of storage usability. His main focus is raising the awareness of the users on the importance and usability of organized storage.