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  17. 12. 2018

We’ve released the new version of InDoc EDGE 5.6

The new version of InDoc EDGE 5.6 is already available to our clients. With new capabilities, improved usability, and even greater reliability, InDoc EDGE remains a solution designed for demanding users who want to maximize the benefits of business process digitisation.


  07. 12. 2018

The 8 most common questions about InDoc EDGE

If we had to highlight only one solution that marked the year 2018 at Mikrocop, it would definitely be InDoc EDGE, which combines the capabilities of document management and business process management systems with certified electronic document storage. Business process digitisation will continue in 2019, so we prepared answers to some common questions about InDoc EDGE solutions.


  27. 11. 2018

Mikrocop has a new location in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mikrocop has moved to a new location in the Industrial Zone Luka bb, 71380 Ilijaš in Canton Sarajevo.


  23. 11. 2018

We can now manage organ donation electronically

Only 0.5% of the Slovenian population are registered as organ donors. However, after all other options are exhausted, transplantation is often the only successful treatment for organ failure, the Institute for Transplantation of Organs and Tissues of the Republic of Slovenia (known as Slovenia Transplant) have set out to make it easier to register as an organ donor. The registration process is now available electronically, making the process easier for users. Mikrocop participated in the project with its InDoc EDGE solutions.


  26. 10. 2018

Business process digitisation is a necessary part of contemporary business models

At the 15th Mikrocop Conference, successful companies from Slovenia and around Central Europe shared their formulas for successful digitisation with more than 220 attendees. The lecturers and round table participants agreed that digitisation requires the right solutions, that if we want to digitally transform our business processes, we need to motivate all our employees for change.


  27. 09. 2018

Save the date for Mikrocop’s conference: October 25, 2018

Have you already taken full advantage of the opportunities brought about by digitization and overcame all the barriers to paperless business? At this year's Mikrocop conference, successful Slovenian companies will present their answer to this question and share experience, best practices and tips on how to effectively achieve the goals of going digital.


  18. 09. 2018

We have attended GOinfo's business conference

We have started collaboration with GOinfo d.o.o. a while ago and have enabled users of their ERP system to automatically archive documents in InDoc EDGE. Klemen Novak, business development manager at Mikrocop, demonstrated to the conference participant how easy the integration is.


  13. 08. 2018

Scanning and processing documents is now easier with Canon MFP

Do you often use scan documents on a common multi-purpose device and email them to yourself or colleagues? Users of Canon Multi-function printer can now easily and securely scan documents into document system InDoc EDGE, and make them instantly available for processing.


  07. 08. 2018

Incentive for additional education for employees over 45 years of age

In Mikrocop, we pay special attention to the development and continuous education of our employees. That is why we joined the public tender "Comprehensive support to enterprises for active aging of labour force", published by The Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia.


  26. 07. 2018

A new archive law was adopted in Croatia - scanned document is recognized as equal to the original!

The efforts of the expert community, Mikrocop included, brought results: the new archive law was adopted in Croatia. Thus what we have announced at our conferences came true.


  20. 07. 2018

Successful regular assessment of the quality management system and transition to ISO 9001:2015

In Mikrocop, we successfully re-confirmed that we have established and maintained a quality management system that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard for the document and data capture, document and business process management, storage and archiving, development of IT solutions and infrastructure services.


  10. 07. 2018

We support the FRI Summer School

At Mikrocop, we value passion and commitment. We like curious, positive team members who like to participate in creating an environment where ideas are transformed into innovative solutions. We are inspired by the immense satisfaction of achieving common victories, therefore, we are happy to support the FRI Summer School, intended for primary and secondary schools and college students who wish to upgrade their knowledge in the field of computer science, information technology and app development.


  15. 06. 2018

Mikrocop at CEBIT 2018

This year, Mikrocop presented itself for the first time at the CEBIT fair in Hannover. Our intention was to present the InDoc EDGE digital solutions, get feedback from visitors and find business partners for a joint appearance on the EU markets. We were quite successful at that - potential partners from 25 countries, mostly from Germany, have shown interest in cooperation and joint appearance, while the feedback after demonstrating the performance of InDoc EDGE solutions was very positive.


  04. 06. 2018

Refreshed image and renewed website

At Mikrocop, we have refreshed our image and renewed the website. The purpose of this change is to be able to better help you become a paperless company - with case studies, best practices and thorough descriptions of comprehensive solutions for paperless business.


  02. 06. 2018

The 1st mountain-biking marathon of the Bankers of Slovenia Sports Games is a success

This year was the first year that a mountain-biking marathon was held as part of the Bankers of Slovenia Sports Games. The race along the Parenzana was attended by 45 participants from nine banks, DUTB, and companies Bankart, Gora and Mikrocop.


  18. 05. 2018

At Mikrocop, we have digitized old postcards from Kamnik and Komenda

At Mikrocop, we have digitized a series of postcards from Kamnik and Komenda, kept at the France Balantič Library in Kamnik. The library has been collecting old postcards since 2005 as part of a large collection of Slovenian artefacts. The collection currently has nearly 700 postcards and related pictorial materials dating from the end of the 19th century to the present, and we have digitized just under 600 of them.


  15. 05. 2018

Record turnout at the 13th Mikrocop conference on paperless business in Zagreb

The 13th Mikrocop conference entitled ‘Will the new legislation finally allow for paperless business?’ took place on May 15, 2018 in Zagreb. The event attracted a record turnout of more than 130 participants. The response confirms the great economic interest in paperless operations as well as legal regulations, which will allow for the destruction of original documents after their capture.


  10. 05. 2018

Mikrocop at the 2018 ZAUH fair

At the 10th ZAUH Fair, Alenka Fic Mikolič, Director of general affairs, and Klemen Novak, Business development manager at Mikrocop, presented concrete examples of how we at Mikrocop have integrated proven methodology, good practices, technical expertise, and extensive experience into our solutions, which provide users with secure and legally compliant business processes. In the closing session, Mikrocop CEO Simona Kogovšek attended a round table. Panelists attempted to answer the question of how Slovenian companies should adapt to the numerous regulations which increase the complexity of everyday business.


  23. 03. 2018

Mikrocop is one of the first companies in Slovenia with a certified DPO

Sanja Žaubi, Mikrocop’s Data Protection Officer (or DPO), was one of the first in Slovenia to obtain additional qualification as a personal data protection expert. Having our own DPO is an important demonstration of our expertise in the field of personal data protection legislation and practice.