Archiving documents

Archiving electronic documents

We provide secure and legally compliant archiving of your electronic documents in the certified InDoc EDGE digital archive, with access just a click away. Simplify your business and make sure your documents are available to your colleagues when and where they need them.

We can help you establish effective control over the management and long-term storage of documents and other archival media. Contact us!

Ivo Vasev, Product owner at Mikrocop

Benefits of electronic archiving in comparison with storage of paper documents

Save space

Free up the space you used to store documentary material for other uses.

Provide access anytime and anywhere

Accessing your documents is simple, fast, and available anywhere, at any time, from any device.

Increase security and traceability

Enable access only for authorized users to ensure greater security and improve control over commercially sensitive information.

Reduce operating costs

In comparison with storage of paper documents, electronic storage reduces operating costs thanks to faster searching and reduced risk of loss.

Reduce operational risk

The risk of document loss as a result of natural disasters or other events (such as fire, theft, and flood) is negligible.


Use of the certified InDoc EDGE digital archive reduces your day-to-day operational risks. The platform is certified by the administrative authorities and is compliant with the GDPR. The InDoc EDGE solutions are legally compliant, secure, and reliable and can significantly improve the transparency and efficiency of your business.

  • InDoc EDGE enables long-term storage of your electronic documents in one place, regardless of whether they originated in electronic form or were converted from paper to electronic form
  • The basis for classifying electronic documents is the classification plan defining the document storage periods, with reference to the legal basis for such periods
  • You can archive documents of various types and formats: PDF/A, TIFF, XML, audio and video formats, and other chosen formats
  • Documents can be imported individually or en masse
  • The archive can be linked to your business information systems, giving users the option to access documents directly via the archive interface or via other information systems, such as your ERP
  • Extremely large volumes of documents can be stored for an affordable price
  • The certified InDoc EDGE e-storage system can be installed locally or used in the cloud


UniCredit has used a cloud-based electronic archive for over 10 years

Analyses showed that handing over custody of the documents to an external provider and introducing e-archiving was the best option for us. It was also an opportunity to optimize processes and reduce costs relating to the management of documents in paper form.

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