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5 tips for digitizing your business

  28. 11. 2018

To digitise your business, you have to prepare a well thought-out strategy and set clear objectives, as such projects are usually complex and require all your employees to be involved. That’s why you should take them seriously, considering all aspects that can contribute to successful digitalization projects and, most importantly, that can make such projects useable in practice.

As noted in the State of progress of digital transformation of companies in Slovenia survey, conducted in August 2018, the biggest challenges faced by Slovenian companies are:

  • providing technical and financial resources,
  • providing leadership support,
  • changing the company’s organizational culture,
  • understanding the digital strategy, and
  • lack of the relevant expertise.

In order to avoid the challenges and problems which may arise in the business digitisation process, and which may cause significant consequences in terms of both time and finances, the guidelines in the infographics below should help you in considering the digitisation of your business.