How to defeat information chaos?

Comprehensive information management is the only answer to the present-day data chaos created by the sheer volume of information. It is safe to say that we will be successful in our efforts when the employees have at their disposal only the information they need, nothing more.

Kako lahko splavamo iz informacijskega kaosa?

The growing volume of data entering the organization through multiple channels can easily lead to data chaos. Employees no longer know where to look for the information they need. They are unsure whether they are working on the latest version of a document, and often have to recreate a document just because they are unable to find it. And how many times did we all add a colleague in Cc, just in case?

Only when the information we need is available to us when we need it decisions can be made quickly, effectively, and with fewer mistakes. Therefore I dare say that an effective data management system is the only solution to such challenges. I’ll tell you how to implement it to make sure it meets its intended purpose.

  • Three quarters of companies are unaware of the importance of data management.

One step at a time

Organizations that decide to digitize their entire operations all at once are almost surely making a big mistake. Employing such an approach will definitely digitize huge quantities of data but almost inevitably take the issue of data chaos to new depths.

As it is, changes take some time to fully absorb. That considered, the changing processes and new tools that people use to find the information in the ocean of digitized data might negatively affect our efficiency.

  • 82 % of employees believe that poor data management has a negative effect on their performance.

In order to put in place an efficient data management system, we first need to rethink processes. What information do we need in a certain process and what new information will be created in this process? Who will require this information, and when? Only with these answers on hand, the data management solution will be fit to serve its purpose – to give employees quick access to the exact data needed.

Pojdimo korak za korakom

We shouldn't waste time searching for information

Imagine what it is like to be overwhelmed by information overload, desperately trying to sort out what you actually need. Soon we begin to doubt the factuality of information we have. Most likely, we all agree that frustration does not really benefit the efficiency of our work process.

Actually, it is counterproductive to allow employees to waste their time searching for information or having to face a dilemma whether they are working on the right version of a document.

  • 91 % of employees agree that an information management system would facilitate their work process.

Follow the 'Less Is More' principle

When establishing an efficient data management system, it is important to keep asking the same question: Why? This will help us get to the key challenges to be addressed, while also identifying alternative solutions and further data management process changes.

By providing employees with more information we are not doing them any favors. On the contrary, we will create conditions in which employees will be more likely to make a mistake or spend more time on a task than necessary. To avoid this, we must provide the right amount of data of the type that employees need in a given moment. Only thus we will be able to create a lean working process that promotes prompt and informed decisions.

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Anton Gazvoda

Anton Gazvoda is a Business Digitalization Expert. He has been actively involved in developing complex data management solutions since 2000 and has acquired extensive experience in document and process management. At Mikrocop, he helps companies from different industries improve their efficiency by implementing optimized workflow solutions.