Document and business process management

Business process management

If your processes involve employees from different organizational units, in different locations, or using different information systems, or if you would like to have a real-time overview of processes because you are responsible for their effective, accurate and reliable implementation, we recommend you use the InDoc EDGE platform for business process management.

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Klemen Novak, Business development manager at Mikrocop

What are the key benefits of process management on the InDoc EDGE platform?

Greater operational efficiency

Documents move through the process faster and in accordance with operational regulations, ensuring traceability and increasing security.

Greater user satisfaction

Optimized process implementation improves user satisfaction thanks to a more evenly distributed workload.

Better customer relationships

Managing customer relationships and resolving possible complaints are easier thanks to a comprehensive overview of process histories.

Reduced operational risk

Increased business process transparency and control using operational regulations reduces operational risk.

Appropriate personal data protection

Within the implementation of process activities, access to personal data is monitored and recorded in the audit trail.

Legal compliance by default

The platform is certified by the administrative authorities and ensures the legal compliance of business process implementation.


Document management is a prerequisite for optimizing – and potentially automating – business processes. Management of business processes, which are in line with your business objectives and linked with your existing systems, only adds value to your business.

With the process solutions on the InDoc EDGE platform, you can respond to key business challenges – from simple day-to-day tasks such as distribution of incoming mail or settlement of incoming invoices to more demanding tasks involving various media and, as a rule, including automated decision-making based on operational rules.


A paperless approach to investment savings

Due to the increasing number of documents, higher costs of document management and storage, and above all the time and effort that employees need to invest into carrying out business processes, we decided to implement a paperless business solution. Among other things, investors can now join ALTA Skladi in a completely paperless way.

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