Document and data capture

Data capture and validation

Your data is valuable, and its value is increased when you collect it in one place and convert it into a format suitable for processing. Therefore, beyond digitization, it is important to capture data from documents. In our experience, this can halve the cost of data input while simultaneously reducing the possibility of errors. Trust us to capture data from your documents: we capture unstructured data manually, while other data is captured automatically using dedicated hardware and software. We always verify the quality of data before you start to use it.

We add value to your documents by converting them to useful information accessible with just a few clicks. With over a billion processed documents, we are currently the leading document digitization provider in the Adriatic region. Contact us!

Gorazd Zajc, Senior technologist at Mikrocop

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We capture all types of data from all types of documents

Data in invoices

Received invoices are among the most numerous documents for which businesses copy information on a daily basis. From the receipt to confirmation, accounting, payment and archiving of the invoice, often too much time is spent searching for related documents, such as purchase requests, orders, and contracts, and exchanging and archiving documents. As a result, settling received invoices often takes more than a week.

In Mikrocop, we can help you to reduce that time: first, we convert invoices from paper to electronic format, add invoices, which were originally issued in electronic form (e.g. e-SLOG or PDF), and capture date from the invoices for your records of mail and invoices, or for your ERP system. As a rule, any errors, such as a missing tax numbers, are detected at the beginning of the process, rather than during the accounting phase. The data is accessible to all who need it, and you always know in which stage of settlement the invoice is. Most importantly, the settlement process can now be measured in hours instead of days.

Data in surveys

Customer feedback is crucial when companies want to improve their offer, identify possible gaps in processes, and eliminate errors. That is why customers are often asked to fill out a survey.

If you also use surveys, then you know how long it takes to process responses in paper format, especially in larger volumes. However, there is a better way – we can capture survey data. You will receive the data quickly and in a form that allows for more efficient processing and analysis.

Data in contracts

Contracts are probably the most important – and most sensitive – documents of any company. Access to contracts is limited, and timely access to data from contracts, annexes, and attachments is often time-consuming and logistically tedious.

This can be avoided if you decide to capture data from contracts. We can help you with that, and perhaps more importantly, we can suggest how to structure contracts so that data can be captured faster, more precisely, and more economically. The data will be available where you need them – in your business processes, when you need to make a decision.

Data in forms

A completed form or application often represents the beginning of a new business relationship or the development of an existing relationship. You have probably invested a lot in finding new customers, so it is important that you quickly and accurately input their data in your IT system so you can start working together as soon as possible.

At Mikrocop, we can effectively capture data, confirm its quality, and send it to your IT system. We can also help you design forms and applications in order to achieve the optimal balance between the speed, quality, and cost of data capture.

Data in insurance claims

Misfortune never rests, as they say, which is why claims (in addition to invoices) are among the most numerous documents at insurance companies. Because of their sheer volume, manually processing claims is very time-consuming, yet a fast response time is an important comparative advantage for an insurance company when clients are in distress.

Since claims are usually structured documents, we recommend hardware solutions for capturing data and immediately inputting it in your IT system. Due to the importance of the claims reporting and adjudicating process, claims data is captured using modern equipment and with special emphasis on verification of data quality.

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