Document and data capture

Document scanning and capture

Say goodbye to inefficient, time-consuming work with paper documents. Trust us to scan your business and technical documentation - including technologically demanding, specific and large-format materials - and converting electronic documents into the appropriate format. We provide you with quick and easy access to your documents and data, whenever and wherever you need them. We can collect your documents for processing on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, and you can choose the formats and resolutions that best suit your business needs.

We add value to your documents by converting them to useful information accessible with just a few clicks. With over a billion processed documents, we are currently the leading document digitization provider in the Adriatic region. Contact us!

Gorazd Zajc, Senior technologist at Mikrocop

What does digitization of documents at Mikrocop service centers include?







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Digitization of business documentation

At every company, most documentation is business documentation. Although more and more documents are generated in electronic form, businesses still cannot completely avoid paper. Therefore, we recommend that you digitize all key incoming documents (for example, accounting documents - received invoices, delivery notes, and order forms) immediately upon receipt.

If you collect business documentation in one place, you can improve your control over documentation and speed up your business processes. Mikrocop can help you: we can assume the role of your mailroom or apply our dedicated InDoc EDGE solutions to your incoming post.

Documentation comes to us through various points of entry - through our mailrooms, various business units, and various sales offices. The large number of geographically separate entities makes control over incoming documents even more difficult. That’s why we wanted to establish a centralized mailroom at one location, and we decided to entrust the management of the mailroom to qualified professionals - Mikrocop.

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Digitization of technical documentation

Design and technical documentation, plans, maps, and other similar documentation take specific forms. This often means large-format material or a combination of different formats, which cannot be digitized using ordinary scanners, or material must be handled with extreme caution because a single document misalignment may compromise an entire plan.

At Mikrocop service centers, we guarantee the high quality digitization of various design and technical documentation of up to 841 mm in width (A0) and unlimited length, as well as variously bound and folded documents, documents on various types of paper and other media, and documents in black and white, greyscale, or color. In addition to the digitization of the material, we also provide for the capture of document contents and metadata.

Digitization of library materials

Scientific and cultural materials, books, historical documents and other such materials are, in terms of their form, age, and content, both special and delicate. That is why we pay special attention when converting library materials to digital format (using dedicated book scanners).

Digitizing scientific and cultural materials and other special materials enables both quick and easy access to important content and efficient management of materials and content. Thus, through digitization, you contribute to the preservation and transfer of knowledge, information, and invaluable heritage to future generations.

The oldest materials we have digitized so far were 488 years old. At the Mikrocop service center, we had the honor of storing and digitizing a bound manuscript of the minutes of the Ljubljana city council for the years 1527 to 1552.

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Digitization of periodicals

Enable members, employees, or the public to access the various periodical publications, including newspapers and magazines, specialized periodicals published by various professional and scientific associations and organizations, local newspapers, or industry newsletters from companies with a broader importance that you store in your archive. These publications and special collections, assembled over a long period, demonstrate the existence, development, and identity of your organization, company, or professional, local, national or other association, and therefore have particular historical value.

By digitizing periodicals and special collections, we help you to contribute to the preservation of valuable content and heritage, and to popularize content and promote organizations or communities.


Capture and conversion of electronic documents

Your IT systems generate a plethora of electronic documents and data every day, including orders and invoices, statements for customers, and so on. Capturing electronic documents allows you to collect these documents in one place, regardless of how they were created or received - to capture (and, if necessary, convert) documents received by e-mail or via e-commerce, including via electronic document exchange systems.

Sometimes electronic records must be converted to a different format due to operational needs or to ensure legal compliance. Therefore, at Mikrocop, we perform a wide range of media and format conversions. We have dedicated equipment and knowledge for converting materials into a long-term storage format and converting data from various printouts, databases, or other electronic records generated by your information systems into the necessary formats.

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