Compliance, Security, Archive

Five steps to an organized document storage

When we begin to run out of space to hold a document archive, when we keep business documentation in offices where it is not safe from fire or flood, or when we are desperately searching an important document but seem unable to locate in the archive closet, it may be time to organize our archives.

Miha Čebron

Compliance, Digitalization

Do we expect too much from paperless business

Providers of paperless business solutions promise clients to cut costs, increase efficiency and guarantee compliance. But can they deliver on these promises?

Tjaša Poljšak

Compliance, Digitalization, Security

More information security or a better user experience?

In corporate IT solutions, more information security normally results in lower user experience, and vice versa. Low security level threatens our operations, but poor user experience increases the risk that employees will simply refuse to use the new solution. 

Jan Pagon