Document and business process management

Document management

Managing documents in paper form is burdensome – searching for documents is time consuming, sharing them between users is tedious and difficult, changes are not traceable, and documents are occasionally lost. Working with electronic documents is completely different and offers many benefits: better responsiveness, employee satisfaction, fewer operational and financial risks, just to name a few.

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Klemen Novak, Business development manager at Mikrocop

What are the key benefits of document management on the InDoc EDGE platform?

Greater operational efficiency

Save time and money – say goodbye to inefficient, time-consuming work with paper documents.

Improved collaboration with coworkers

You can share and edit documents, add comments, and most importantly, never lose them again.

Availability when you need it

Access documents whenever you need them, from any device, anywhere.

Reduced operational risk

Electronic document management has been proven to minimize day-to-day operational risk.

Appropriate personal data protection

Document access is controlled and traceable. Storage periods are also easily defined.

Legal compliance by default

The platform is certified by the administrative authorities and ensures legal compliance.


Managing electronic documents is about more than just reviewing them – it also includes sharing, editing and commenting on documents, timely notification of changes, searching for content and descriptive data, providing remote access, ensuring the integrity and credibility of documents, tracing usage and, of course, preventing loss. Document management is a prerequisite for optimizing – and potentially automating – business processes.


Paperless management of received invoices

At the Avtotehna Group, we succeeded in shortening the invoice processing procedure that sometimes used to take more than a week down to 2 to 4 days. This is of key importance for us, as we can take advantage of additional discounts by optimizing payments to suppliers, subsequently increasing our profitability.

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