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5 steps for an organised document archive

  24. 04. 2019

Do you have insufficient space to archive your documents? Do you keep business records in offices that aren’t secure from fire and flooding? How often do you have trouble finding an important document in your archive cabinet?

These are just some of the challenges faced by companies which handle large volumes of paper documents. An additional problem arises when documents are accessed by unauthorised persons or employees who are not qualified to manage an archive. If the documents also contain personal data, unauthorised access also constitutes a GDPR violation and may damage your business.

Despite the growth of electronic business processes, many companies are dealing with an ever-increasing volume of documentation - often exceeding their archive capabilities. When arranging archival spaces, special attention must be paid to choosing locations which are safe from water damage and sufficiently far from any gas, water, and sewer mains, as well as any furnaces or fumes. Archival spaces must also have the appropriate humidity and temperature and be shielded from direct sunlight. Document storage shelves must be placed at a sufficient distance from the ceiling, walls, and floor.

As basements and business premises are not fundamentally designed or adequately equipped for document storage, working with an external archive centre which meets the conditions for secure archiving may be the right solution. 

How are documents archived in an archive centre?

5 steps for an organized archive


Archiving documentation in an archive centre ensures systematic care of documents as well as an easy overview and access to the requested documentation at any time. Documents may be accessed only by authorised persons. In addition, the integrity and authenticity of documents are maintained, while the appropriate storage conditions keep documents durable for the long term.

If you don’t have a suitable archival space, or if your employees aren’t properly trained in document handling, you can leave the whole process to professionals who will make your work that much easier. If you need help or advice on how to organise an archive, or if you’re interested in transferring your documentation to external storage, we are at your disposal.


Miha Čebron, Senior technologist at Mikrocop